Organizational Endorsements

Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado is a non-partisan, 501(c)(4) non-profit organization that engages in educational and electoral activity, including legislative advocacy, voter education, and grassroots organizing to promote the Planned Parenthood mission.
Working Families is a growing progressive political organization that fights for an economy that works for all of us, and a democracy in which every voice matters. We believe that our children’s life chances must not be determined at birth, and that America must be a nation that allows all its people to thrive.
Keep Colorado Green is an environmental 501(c)(4) founded and run by Colorado’s youth. Our generation stands the most to lose if climate change continues to worsen – and so our generation must be on the front lines of this fight.

Unless we act rapidly to resolve this crisis, our children will be born to a world drastically worse than the one we inherited. We owe it to them and ourselves to do everything in our power to prevent that future.

Colorado Ceasefire began in the 2000 election cycle. After the Colorado General Assembly failed to pass significant gun violence prevention laws following the Columbine High School shooting, a small group of committed individuals formed a PAC (political action committee) to remove from office legislators who were a block to progress. That year six critical races turned hands, and we felt that we had made a significant contribution to those changes. We then realized “We have a voice at the capitol; we can’t stop now!” …..and so an organization was born.
The Colorado AFL-CIO represents approximately 180 affiliate unions, whose membership totals more than 130,000 working Coloradans. The Colorado AFL-CIO is dedicated to organizing working people in the State of Colorado; to securing and protecting dignity and equality, rights and benefits, and to raising the standard of living and quality of life for all working people and their families.

Our mission is to promote organized labor, to educate our members and the public about the labor movement, and to encourage the active involvement of all of our members in their communities.

Founded by legendary conservationist John Muir in 1892, the Sierra Club is now the nation’s largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization — with three million members and supporters. Our successes range from protecting millions of acres of wilderness to helping pass the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Endangered Species Act. More recently, we’ve made history by leading the charge to move away from the dirty fossil fuels that cause climate disruption and toward a clean energy economy.

Mothers Against School Shootings

United we protect our children. Working together we can change the hearts, minds and gun laws that allow this to continue.

Personal Testimonials

We are very fortunate that Marc Snyder has offered to continue his long public service as a candidate for House District 18. I have worked with Marc for many years and observed his ability to engage our community and get things done. He has worked tirelessly to help Manitou Springs overcome the disasters of floods and fires, and provided a very steady hand in guiding us through these difficult times. With his broad background and expertise, he will no doubt be a great advocate for the Pikes Peak region in the Colorado legislature. Ken Jaray

Mayor, Manitou Springs

I met Marc Snyder at a volunteer playground build and years later, we served together on the Manitou Springs City Council. It was the Great Recession, and cutting non-essential services was the obvious thing to do. Marc advocated the opposite – during hard times, families needed our library, pool, and parks. We passed a budget keeping programs intact and within five years, were collecting record sales tax revenues. That’s the principled leadership I’m supporting for HD18! Aimee Cox

Former Mayor Pro Tem, Manitou Springs

Five years ago, when Manitou Springs flooded and, for weeks following, when the sirens signaled evacuation, I would evacuate to Mayor Marc Snyder’s house. Not only was he keeping our community alive, he was keeping me alive too. This Fall, we are being tasked with voting for the best candidate for Colorado House District 18. When I think about the candidate that has my best interest in mind and my community’s, I think of Marc Snyder and the floods. He was there for me on both levels and he will be there for you too.

Working with Marc Snyder for the last decade, he has been my City Counselor, Mayor and URA Board Member. During that time, I have been a local business owner and continue to be the Director of the Manitou Art Center, Director of the Manitou Springs Creative District and a member of the Board of Education for MSSD14. As his role and my role have changed, so has our relationship, but the continuity of care and respect have not wavered.

In Manitou Springs, we know Marc Snyder as a husband, father, resident and friend. He has been with us through the good times and the “not-so-good” times. He has advocated for Manitou Springs locally and regionally. These are all of the qualities that we deserve in a political figure and we deserve Marc Snyder for House District 18. Natalie Johnson

Executive Director, Manitou Art Center & Manitou Springs Creative District

At the helm as Mayor and previously as Councilman, Marc led our city through the recession, fire and floods and put us on a course for complete recovery.  Marc gets things done with a healthy balance of knowledge, experience, firmness and compromise.  No candidate is better suited to represent us in the State’s 18th House District. Vote Marc Snyder. Bob Todd

City Council Member & Unaffiliated Voter, Manitou Springs

As a resident of Manitou Springs and volunteer on two City Boards, I 100% support Marc Snyder’s run for House District 18. Marc has repeatedly demonstrated his leadership skills and displayed a calm, collected and thoughtful style when Mayor of Manitou Springs. Neale Minch

Resident, House District 18

One thing that all of us have learned in the past 14 months is that experience in government and working with others is key. Marc has that experience as mayor of Manitou Springs in day to day city business and also during a crisis. Cathy Kleinsmith

Resident and Delegate, House District 18

I heartily endorse Marc Snyder for House District 18! Marc and I served together on the Manitou Planning Commission many years ago, and that’s where I got my first glimpse of his thoughtful intelligence. Marc is someone who truly cares about his community and wants to do the right thing for as many as he can. He did a phenomenal job as the mayor of Manitou Springs, especially during the fire and floods. Marc was instrumental in getting many open space acquisitions done, and in securing the Hiawatha Gardens property, which is a huge help to our parking solutions. He listens, thinks, and takes action. I know he will do a great job representing us! Rachel Buller

Owner/ Managing Broker, Manitou Springs Real Estate LLC

Marc Snyder has run for elected office and won elections, and that gives him a leg up over his primary opponent.  Nothing is more important than keeping HD 18 in Democratic hands, and Marc’s experience with elections is a big plus! Cyndy Kulp

Resident, House District 18

Marc Snyder is embedded in our community. As a constituent, I want a state representative who understands my individual perspective and will hear me, translate that to advocating for me and other constituents via legislative action. Frances Gomeztagle

Resident, House District 18